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When you are used to placing bets on a betting exchange, it is pretty likely that you are using Betfair. As the largest of the betting exchanges, Betfair gets the lions share of the bets out there. However, given the size of the platform, it should come as no surprise that Betfair has a small army of partners. In many cases, these are known as white label Betfair exchanges. White label exchanges are business-to-business partners of Betfair.

The parent company of Betfair, Flutter, has long used white label partnerships to further expand reach and influence. This provides partners with the change to use the Betfair platform while running under a different name. This is commonly used in the betting community, as groups look to run on the same software and systems as larger sportsbooks and betting exchanges whilst having their own identity.

For that reason, partners running a white label name can still give their users access to the Betfair pool. What, though, are some of the most popular white label Betfair exchanges?

Who should you trust if you intend to go and try out one of these alternatives to just using Betfair directly?

White label Betfair exchanges

So, one thing to note about this particular type of platform is that it can offer you an identical Betfair system. If there is something you do not like about Betfair, you are unlikely to find that a white label might be the suitable alternative. They tend to run on the same agreements, offers, deals, commissions etc. as Betfair itself.

In essence, the only reason many use such an exchange is because they are unable to use Betfair. This could come down to issues like an account issue with Betfair, or perhaps even a geographic issue where you cannot access Betfair where you live. The best way to spot white label Betfair exchanges is to look for the ‘Powered by Betfair’ sign that might appear. This is a clear sign that the platform is running on the same systems and protocols as Betfair itself. You should definitely make sure that you look into the white label exchange before signing-up, though.

Unlike Betfair, white label exchanges are much smaller businesses. They lack the financial firepower and the monetary backing of Betfair. So, putting large sums of money into white label exchanges could come with more risk than just using normal Betfair. These are normally known as ‘bet brokers’ and you need to be very careful.

The market is extremely volatile, too, and most of the names appear and then vanish just as quickly. While Betfair itself has been running for many years indeed, the various white label equivalents often last for a few short years – if that. So, do not expect to find a permanent home on a Betfair white label exchange.

Using a white label exchange can make sense, but you should only do so if you find you cannot access Betfair itself. Given it offers the most longevity, transparency, and security, if you can use Betfair then you should keep on doing so.

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